• Image of LIFE IS A BLESSING Chaplet Bracelet
  • Image of LIFE IS A BLESSING Chaplet Bracelet
  • Image of LIFE IS A BLESSING Chaplet Bracelet

This unique and beautiful sacramental celebrates life and reminds us that "Life is a Blessing".
Wear this powerful sacramental in honor of those with Down syndrome.

In honor of life and Dr. Jerome Lejeune, a percentage of the proceeds of the 'Life is a Blessing' collection will be donated to the Jerome Lejeune Foundation. Dr. Jerome Lejeune was a passionate doctor, a dedicated research worker and a valiant defender of life. He discovered that the presence of an extra twenty-first chromosome causes Down syndrome. Dr. Lejeune was an incredible role model to many by his ability to combine his Catholic faith with his amazing abilities as a scientist.

Handmade in the awareness colors of down syndrome, the marbled blue and yellow beads represent the Ave beads. The medal of St. Francis blessing another franciscan is attached to the chain as a reminder that "Life is a Blessing". Makes a great gift for a baptism, confirmation, mothers, godmothers, sponsors, birthdays, and those with Down syndrome.

This sacramental is a reminder as Dr. Jerome Lejeune said that 'Before God and man we bear witness that for us every human is a person'.

Prayer to obtain favors through the intercession of the Servant of God JEROME LEJEUNE

Almighty God, who created man in your image and destined him to share your glory, we thank you for giving your Church the gift of Professor Jerome Lejeune, an exemplary Servant of Life.

He humbly placed his immense intelligence and deep faith at the service of the defense of human life, especially unborn life, always seeking to treat and to cure those in need. A passionate proponent of truth and charity, he bore eloquent witness before the contemporary world to the harmony between faith and reason.

Through the intercession, we pray that you grant the favors we ask, if it is your will, in the hope that the Church may one day proclaim him Saint.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

{With ecclesiastical approval
Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois
Archbishop of Paris}